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All 13/64ths Left to right:
SS, SS Truncated, Stepdown, Dickerson Style

Step Tip Ferrules (Dickerson Style) Ferrules of my own design for for use with step tip taper Rods such as Dickerson, Payne, FE Thomas etc.

These eliminate the problem of either reducing the butt section to fit an under sized female or building up the tip to fit an over sized male and are a very slim profile creating a perfect, tidy solution to an old problem.

DS 1F/2M in 64ths of an inch
DS 1F/1M in 64ths of an inch

Super Swiss Style Regular Length The modern day standard ferrule.

Super Swiss 1F/2M in 64ths of an inch
Super Swiss 1F/1M in 64ths of an inch

Super Swiss Style Truncated Length Sized to be 75% of the length of the standard length SS ferrule.

SS Truncated 1F/2M in 64ths of an inch
SS Truncated 1F/1M in 64ths of an inch

Micro Ferules These are as small as you can realisticaly go.
They're designed with the male slide being twice its diameter with the rest of the ferrule following from there.

Aesthetics are not a significant feature.

These requre extreme care in dressing.

Micro Ferrules 1F/2M in 64ths of an inch
Micro Ferrules 1F/1M in 64ths of an inch

Step Down Ferrules The original ferrule. They requre the male to have a step inside the slide which is a slight complication however, they are the slimmest ferrule that does not create a swell on the rod being the same dimater as the cane they're mounted on.

They have the least wind resistace and weight of all standard types of ferrules and look quite handsome.

Stepdown 1F/2M in 64ths of an inch
Stepdown 1F/1M in 64ths of an inch

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Email: AV Young avytasmania@gmail.com

AV Young Nickel Aluminium Bronze Ferrules

1F/1F $70 AUSTRALIAN. Very approximately $US49.00
1F/2M $80 AUSTRALIAN. Very approximately $US57.00

For a more up to date approximation use this currency converter for today's rate.

Combined orders of $350 or more receive a 10% discount.

Please ensure you add your preferred postage rate. The location to add postage to your cart is directly under the purchase ferrules selection.

Australia Post will no longer permit non document letters to be sent as letters so ferrules now need to be sent as parcels.

Tracked post takes approx 14 day to arrive to the US.
Express Post is approx 4-5 days.

For more details as well as discounts and how they're applied see this link
Details on postage and of how the discount is applied.

Available in Swiss, Swiss truncated, micro, step down and Dickerson stepped taper rods.
Available as standard from 9/64ths to 24/64ths but almost any size or special configuration is possible on request including special spey and salmon sizes, ask for details or let me know your requirements.

The shopping cart has limited space so I can't show them all.
If the size you require is not listed please contact me.

These are machined ferrules, not a single solder joint to fail.

I use Nickel Aluminium Bronze (alloy AMS 4640 [Aerospace Material Specifications]) the superior material for ferrules because it is approx 15%-20% stronger than fully drawn 18% Nickel Silver ferrules as well as being approx 13% lighter with no disadvantages.

Please note: I make these ferrules with the male approx 0.001"-0.003" over sized to allow the maker to dress them to suit.

See why I believe this material to be so good for ferrules here.

What are these different ferrule types anyhow?.

Details on postage and of how the discount is applied.

Email: AV Young avytasmania@gmail.com

Regular SS 18/64, 16/64 & Stepdown 13/64 shown.

Stepdown 13/64.

Oxidized ferrules using Birchwood Casey Brass Black:

Perma Blu gives almost the same results but has a more very dark plum shade than pure black as given by Brass Black.

If you don't see what you'd like drop me a line and let me know.

Tony. The package showed up today 10th of June Calgary. The hardware is absolutely stunning and the pictures you take do not do them justice. The reel seat is great and the wood insert is stunning. I was originally planning on blueing the seat and a set of the ferrules but since seeing them I have changed my mind and think that it wouldn't be right.
Thanks again.
BTW the micro ferrules are destined for an 8' 3wt cutty rod that I am putting together.
...Ron Elder