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Email: AV Young

Web Site Contact, Postage, Payment & Discounts.


To contact me the easiest is to copy and paste to your email client.
In times past you were able to contact me via this web site however due to the potential for cybercrime and enough spam on a daily basis to choke a horse my IP has cracked down on the CGI programs that are required to run a message service via the web site so that's no longer possibile.

Payment & Discounts.

The primary payment method I use on this site is PayPal. It's secure and pretty much everybody is at least aware of how it opperates.

There is a problem with it however in that there is no reliable way of automatically issuing a total order discount when using it and since I offer a 10% discount on orders for ferrules of over $350 that presents a small problem.

There are two ways I deal with this and it depends on how you would like it handled.

The most simple is you just use the shopping cart, I get the order and refund you the discount, you don't need to do anything other than watch for the notice you'll be sent from Paypal advising you that you've received the refund.

This works but there always seems to be a small discrepancy in the actual amount refunded due to commissions and exchange rates but it's simple to do.

The alternative method is if you are ordering $Aust 350 or more to email me and tell me what you require, I issue you with an invoice and you pay the invoice.

Postage Options.

Postage for ferrules & reel seats within Australia is $10. You'll be charged at the checkout for international postage but the correct amount depending on your purchase will be refunded immediately.

Rest Of The World
Combined orders of over $350 will receive a 10%. If you wish to have your order sent via Express post just pay the difference between standard and Express.
For orders of less than $350 the below is applicable:

There are two options:

Tracked $AUST 24
Tracked post usually takes around 10-14 working days to arrive in the destination country before clearing Customs.
This is the method I recommend, it's traceable and although things can happen within the postal services around the world to occasionaly slow things down it works well. This is the rate charged at the checkout by default.

Express $AUST 42.
Generally speaking Express Post takes around 3-5 days to arrive in Customs in the destination country. It's traceable and very reliable.
If you wish to use Express Post you'll find the payment button beneath the other payment buttons with an additional amount to pay. This amount is the difference between the flat rate charged by default and the cost of Express.