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Bronze Reel Seat

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Aluminium Bronze reel seat hardware.

Combined orders of $350 or more receive a 10% discount and FREE standard tracked post to anywhere in the world!

Please read for details of how the discount is applied.

Tracked Postage on reel seats is a flat $AUST 22 world wide.

I'm happy to re-introduce reel seat hardware to what's on offer in addition to the ferrules I've always made. Both the reel seats and ferrules are made from the same AMS4640 nickel aluminium bronze alloy.

Currently, the reel seat hardware being made is 660 & 720 sized cap and band and sliding bands and these are both machined with the bands having an internal angle of 7 degrees.

The purpose of the 7 degree internal angle is to ensure a better fit against the reel foot.
The reel foot, if it is AFFTA compliant has a taper of 7-8 degrees and the band having the same inside taper fits snugly against this taper ensuring a superior fit to that using a band with a parallel non tapered hole which only fits well at the extreme edge where it comes into contact with the reel foot.

This is a detailed drawing of the Cap & Band reel seat and how the 7 degree internal taper works.

Soon to come are uplocking and down locking screw type reel seats as well as 660 sized Cap and Band and Sliding Band reel seat hardware.

Cap & Band hardware comes with a cap, the band and a cork check.

Sliding Bands hardware comes with a pair of sliding bands, cork check and butt cap.

720 Medium/Large Trout Size Reel Seat Dimensions

Cap and Band & Sliding bands
ID of Cap 18.29mm [.720"]
OD of Cap 20mm [.787"]
ID of Band 7 deg inside taper 18.224mm [.717"] - 19.6mm [.771"]

Detailed drawing of Cap & Band reel seat and how the 7 degree internal taper works.

6061 Aluminium reel seats as well as custom seats also available, contact me for details.